Introduction: Parallel Frontiers



Part 1

Archetypal Astrology: A New Mythic Perspective


1. World Views and Mythology

The significance of a world view; Mythology and modernity


2. In Search of a New Myth

Transpersonal psychology, ecology, and the new paradigm; The functions of mythology;

The changing mythological situation


3. Archetypal Astrology and the Monomyth

Astrology and the ground of myth; Fundamental principles of archetypal astrology;

The planetary pantheon; The recovery of meaning; The monomyth of the hero’s journey; The evolutionary significance of the hero myth; Individuation and the monomyth;

Towards an individual mythology



Part 2

Formulating an Archetypal Cosmology


4. The Underlying Cosmic Pattern

New paradigms: holism and organicism; The systems view of the cosmos: pattern, structure, process; Pattern and the planetary order; Causality and acausality; Meaning and purpose; Symbolic correspondences; Numerical and geometric patterns; Synchronicity: the revelation of a deeper order


5. Self-Organization and the Cosmic Mind

The modern understanding of the nature of mind; Mind in evolutionary context; The anthropic principle; The systems view of mind; The cosmic mind


6. The Archetypal Order

Consciousness and transpersonal psychology; The archetypes and the collective unconscious; Archetypal psychology and the systems model; Self-organization in the psyche; The nature of the planetary archetypes; The underlying identity of psyche and cosmos; Astrology and the cosmic psyche


7. The Dynamic Ground

Bohm’s theory of the implicate order; The unity of mind and matter; Energy: a unified conception; Meaning and the super-implicate order; Science and spirituality; Outer space and inner space; The symbolic universe: the significance of the planetary positions; Historical synchronicities with the discovery of the outer planets


8. Archetypal Resonance and the Birth Pattern

The significance of the birth moment; Morphic fields and formative causation; Cosmic memory; The ‘habits’ of the cosmos; A multi-levelled reality; The persistence of the birth pattern; Morphic fields and the super-implicate order


9. Individuation and Evolution

Comparing Jung and Teilhard de Chardin; The ego and the birth of thought; The psychological dimension of evolution; Alchemy and hominization; Convergence, personalization, and the whole; Religion: East and West; Swimme’s theory of cosmological powers; Cosmological powers and planetary archetypes; The cosmological dynamics of individuation; Self-realization and cosmological identity



Part 3

The Archetypal Matrix and the Spiritual Transformation of Our Time


10. The Return of the Gods

Gebser and integral philosophy; The origin and the archaic consciousness; From the magic to the mythical structure; The mental structure and modernity; Beyond modernity: the integral structure; Contemporary interpretations of myth: myth as fact, myth as history; myth as falsehood; myth as metaphor; myth and archetypal astrology; The nature of a mythology to come


Epilogue: The Opening of a New Spiritual Era

The synchronistic significance of the Moon landing; The archetypal meaning of the Moon; The unio mystica and the birth of the Self













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